Concert promoter sells tickets for either $18 or $1,000 – depending on whether you’re vaccinated

<p>People who are vaccinated just have to pay $18, but those who have not will need to pay $1,000 for a ticket</p>

People who are vaccinated just have to pay $18, but those who have not will need to pay $1,000 for a ticket

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A concert promoter has created an incentive for people to get the coronavirus vaccine by charging from $18 if you’ve been vaccinated and $999.99 if you haven’t.

Now that is definitely an incentive - who would want to be up to $982 out of pocket?

Paul Williams of Leadfoot Promotions in Tampa Bay is the mastermind behind the scheme.

After a lack of live events over the past year due to the pandemic, he wanted to plan a safe way for people to be able to enjoy concerts again.

When Williams noticed that vaccination appointments in his state were opening up to everyone, he decided to encourage people to go and get it.

"I also wanted it to be a vaccine drive to get the fence-sitters off the fence," Williams explained to ABC News. "I wanted to get the kids that want to go to shows to go out and get their shots."

The highly anticipated event will be happening on June 26 at the VFW Post 39 venue in St. Petersburg.

Punkrock bands: Teenage Bottlerocket, MakeWar and Rutterkin are among the lineup.

"We're all vaccinated. We encourage everyone to get vaccinated so we can see you in the pit," Ray Carlisle, singer and guitar player with the band Teenage Bottlerocket, told WFTS.

If you’re vaccinated, now is your chance to get one of the 250 discount tickets that are on sale.

Meanwhile, there are only four tickets priced at a hefty $1,000, and nobody has purchased one at the moment, Williams said.

The promoter has described the reaction to his vaccination incentive as “overwhelmingly positive.”

But of course, anti-vaxxers have made some negative comments about the initiative and have even managed to get a hold of Williams’ phone number which has been spammed with messages.

Despite his pro-vaccine stance, Williams has said anyone who purchases the $1,000 ticket is more than welcome to attend the event.

"You can buy a full-price ticket and you'll be treated like everyone else,” he said.

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