Conspiracy theorists are questioning the validity of a White House photo because of clocks

As the the Taliban regains control of Afghanistan, some right-wing Twitter users have found something significantly less important to focus on: The White House clocks.

On Sunday, The White House official Twitter account shared an image of U.S. President Joe Biden meeting with his national security team and senior officials over a video call, discussing the ongoing situation in Afghanistan. However some conservative skeptics are doubtful of the photo’s validity, specifically citing the world clocks as “evidence.”

The digital clocks displayed in the photo show the time in London as 16:29, and Moscow at 19:29 — which would indicate there is a three hour time difference between the two cities when the actual current difference is only two. Like clockwork (no pun intended), “Moscow” and “London” were trending on Twitter, as conspiracy theorists presumed the photo must have been a fake.

“Ummmm either their clocks are wrong (doubtful) or this is an old photo just recycled and not even from this weekend. There’s currently only 2 hours between London and Moscow. What’s actually going on,” one Twitter user asked.

Others allege it’s actually a photo from earlier this year.

Kyle Becker, a former producer at Fox News who has appeared on Newsmax and OANN, also took to Twitter to air his grievances with the clocks.

“Either Camp David’s clocks are wrong or the photos are from before March 28, when London went ahead on Daylight Savings Time, but Moscow didn’t. This is *fine.*”

Breitbart’s Charlie Spiering also questioned the clocks, claiming the White House is “not replying to questions about tit.”

Several variations on the theories spread on the social platform.

Others found the outrageous clock conspiracy amusing, assuming the clock mishap was merely a staff oversight.

However many logically assume that the clocks are set to military time, which would explain the “inaccurate” three hour time difference. According to military time zones, Moscow is GMT (Universal Time) plus three hours.

Mystery solved. Sorry, all.

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