Man finds a load of corn on the cob under his floorboards and is completely baffled

Man finds a load of corn on the cob under his floorboards and is completely baffled
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A man was left baffled after discovering 150 corn on the cobs under the floorboard of his 18th-century home.

The anonymous man made the revelation in a post on Reddit, where he explained that his house is from the 1700s and shared an image of the unusual discovery.

The man had been working on his home and lifted the floorboards to have a look at the condition of the wood.

It was then that he was faced with the unexpected discovery of 150 pieces of corn lurking in the floorboards and appearing to be extremely old and dried out.

The man explained it wasn’t causing a smell or mould problem, “most likely because weather didn’t get to it and it was closed off”.

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He captioned the post, “I found 150 pieces of corn in my floor. My house is from the 1700s” and shared two pictures of the corn under the floor.

In the comments, some Redditors gave their best guesses as to why the corn was there, while others poked fun at the situation.

One person commented: “My buddy’s house from 1700s walls were lined with them, old way of insulation.”

Another said: “You found the toilet paper stash.”

Someone else hypothesised it could have been an animal and explained: “I had a single little red squirrel create a winter stash pile of pinecones 4 feet tall, hundreds and hundreds of cones, in about a month.”

“Call your local university, there may be extinct strains of corn in there,” one person suggested.

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