'Dalek' spotted on UK street telling humans to 'stay inside' and 'self isolate'

Greg Evans
Sunday 05 April 2020 11:15

If anything has been the star of the coronavirus pandemic it has been the animals, whose mischief on the deserted streets around the world has provided a small bit of joy.

This week we have seen lambs playing on a children's playground in Preston and goats invading the Welsh town of Llandudno.

One thing that we really didn't expect to see in all of this was a Dalek from Doctor Who, parading the streets telling everyone to self-isolate.

Yes. That is something that has actually happened and was captured by Twitter user Ben and at the time of writing has already been viewed more than 2 million times.

Sandford police in Gloucestershire (it's not the actual police, just a parody account of the police from the film Hot Fuzz) have used the video to warn everyone to stay indoors.

Tayside police, who are a real police force used the video too and displayed some impressive knowledge of Doctor Who.

Needless to say, people thought it was pretty hilarious, while others thought it was terrifying.

In all seriousness, Matt Hancock, the health secretary has warned the public that if people don't stick to the lockdown and social distancing rules, then they could deprive people of their one piece of daily exercise a day.