People are making treadmills out of soap now that they can't go to the gym

People are making treadmills out of soap now that they can't go to the gym

While the gym is a regular part of daily life for many people, the escalating coronavirus outbreak is putting a stop to yoga classes, gym workouts and even running on the treadmill.

Although Public Health England has not offered specific advice about avoiding the gym, it seems an obvious place to stay away from as UK Chief Medical Officers raised the risk from moderate to high.

But a viral video that was viewed more than 1 million times on Twitter posted by Firas Maksad an adjunct professor at George Washington University in Washington D.C. shows him pour soap on the floor for an “at-home gym” experience.

Yes, that's right, *soap on the floor* is being substituted for a *treadmill*.

We live in truly ridiculous times...

If you're​ conce​rne​d about e​xe​rcising, a number of gym chains in the UK have introduced new policies to reassure members of their safety.

PureGym, for example, published a notice on its website informing customers that it has “increased the level of cleaning and hygiene” in all gyms, including ensuring all hand sanitisers and soap dispensers are filled.

Along with a number of other gym and workout accounts, PureGym also posted at home workouts on Instagram.

Whether you’re happy to go for a soap-y run or are looking for new ways to workout while at home, there are plenty of ways to exercise.

So maybe don't waste your soap just yet...

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