Couple called ‘controlling and manipulative’ for refusing to have all-vegan wedding menu

Couple called ‘controlling and manipulative’ for refusing to have all-vegan wedding menu
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A bride-to-be was called “controlling and manipulative” by her fiancé’s sister for not having an all-vegan wedding— even though she’ll be the only vegan guest attending.

In a popular Reddit thread on the r/AmITheA**hole forum, a woman anonymously posted about her dilemma, noting that she and her fiancé are getting married in January 2022 and already have everything planned for the big day from the “music, food, desserts, and who will be attending.”

“Our food choice will be between chicken or steak, with a salad to start. We thought it would be a fun idea for those that do not want cake to have a make your own sundae station,” she wrote.

The woman then said that her fiancé’s sister is vegan, and when they first got to know each other, she “was open” to trying out “vegan restaurants.” But when she would suggest a restaurant to her fiancé’s sister that had vegan options, she would turn it down.

Because her fiancé’s sister is the only vegan guest coming to the wedding, the bride-to-be and her fiancé allowed her to choose “a dish” that she wanted to have at the festivities and “ice cream” for dessert that is “vegan friendly.”

However, the future mother and father-in-law said they tohught it would be better to change the menu to “all-vegan,” which upset the bride-to-be’s fiancé.

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“He went nuts and told them no, he was not going to change the menu because of his sister,” the woman wrote.

After that exchange, the soon-to-be sister-in-law sent text messages blaming the soon-to-be wife for the decision, even accusing her of being “controlling and manipulative.”

She said that her fiance’s parents are now reconsidering whether or not they want to help them out with the wedding and leaving it up to her family and them to sort it out. The fiancé doesn’t think it’s fair and hasn’t spoken to them since.

People in the comments of the post also believed that the entire menu shouldn’t be altered to completely vegan because the fiance’s sister is the only one who has a vegan diet,

“NTA (not the a**hole) changing an entire menu for one person that’s not even the bride or groom is selfish AF and crazy to even suggest,” someone wrote.

“As a 15+ year vegetarian, NTA and holy s*** is that some entitled, self-centered s*** to think the whole wedding should be vegan for one person. That’s f***ing ridiculous,” another added.

Someone else who described themself as a “militant” vegan also noted that they do “wish all food was vegan” but wouldn’t “demand it.”

“As a ‘militant’ vegan of 10 years and someone who had a fully vegan wedding myself, obviously I wish all food was vegan. But I would never demand/expect it. I live in a SUPER vegan-friendly area and even then I would be THRILLED if someone made the accommodations OP is making for her SIL,” they wrote.

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