Couple accidentally broadcast themselves having sex in front of a bat mitzvah

Couple accidentally broadcast themselves having sex in front of a bat mitzvah
Hilarious moment naked man walks in on husband's Zoom call

A couple was left red-faced after forgetting to turn their camera off - while having sex during a Zoom Sabbath service.

The pair had been Zooming in to the service at a Minneapolis synagogue that, at the time, was host to a bat mitzvah.

The Beth El Synagogue held the online event where other viewers said the couple’s embarrassing ordeal lasted far too long.

One anonymous eyewitness told New York Post: “It went on for about 45 minutes. She was walking around naked, she got dressed, she’s in and out of the Zoom, he was in the bed, he whipped it out, she started going to work. …

“Someone on the Zoom saw and called her and was like, ‘WTF are you doing? You’re on camera.’ She freaked out.”

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They explained that the accidental display wasn’t exactly hard to miss as they were one of the few people with their camera on.

The person continued: “It was a Zoom for a bat mitzvah. Most people were not on camera except like, the old bubbes … who don’t know how to turn off their camera, and these two people. So the boxes were pretty big and everyone could see who was on camera.”

Though perhaps not on camera, in Jewish culture it is considered among some to be a good deed to have sex on shabbat, and it is specifically encouraged in the Talmud.

The embarrassed couple are far from the first people to have been caught out doing NSFW things on a video call.

In 2020, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin was fired by the New Yorker for masturbating on a Zoom call.

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