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Every guy reading this is currently crossing his legs and wincing.

57 year-old Željku Nosiću from Zagreb, Croatia was diagnosed with a very unfortunate condition called Peyronie’s disease two years ago.

The connective tissue disorder, which reportedly affects the equipment of around five per cent of men, causes the penis to curve irregularly. It's not very pleasant.

As you might imagine, this can cause pain and erectile dysfunction. So Nosiću underwent surgery to deal with the issue.

But when he woke up after the operation, not everything had gone to plan.

He told The Sun:

The surgery was supposed to help, but I came back with half a penis.

He found out that three inches had gone from his member. Which isn’t a nice thing to discover.

Nosiću says that medical staff never fully explained to him the risk of the procedure, and that the surgery wasn’t carried out correctly. He is now planning to sue his doctors.

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