Cute clip shows busker singing John Legend having a chance encounter with the man himself

<p>“It was quite a shocking experience”  </p>

“It was quite a shocking experience”

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A local busker got the chance to meet John Legend after he was unknowingly in the audience as she sang one of his famed hits, All of Me.

The star was visiting Faneuil Hall in Boston ahead of his Bigger Love gig on Sunday night. He came across aspiring singer, Radha Rao, who has been performing on the streets since August. Radha, a recent graduate of Boston University, explained how she had spotted someone in the audience who had a striking resemblance to the singer.

“I was like, ‘Wow, that’s pretty funny; he looks just like John Legend,’” she told NBC News. It wasn’t until the man took off his mask, she realised it was John Legend himself.

Despite her nerves, she continued to sing. “I just kept singing,” she said. “It was a nerve-wracking moment, but it was something I enjoyed tremendously.”

The 42-year-old Grammy winner waited until Radha had finished his biggest hit before applauding her and putting a tip in her box. The crowd then cheered on as they shared a few words and hugged. The 22-year-old said that Legend had thanked her for singing his song.

She continued: “He was so incredibly humble and encouraging to local artists. I look up to him immensely, and I love that he plays acoustic instruments like I do.”

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She later said on Instagram, “What are the odds that John Legend is in town, in the area you’re performing, as you’re singing his song? Beyond believable.”

“A lot of people tend to ask, ‘Did you play it because he was there?’ And the answer is no,” she added.

“I was playing it, and then he happened to appear after I started the song, so it was quite a shocking experience.”

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