Dad slammed for refusing to take picture with his daughter on her wedding day

Dad slammed for refusing to take picture with his daughter on her wedding day
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A man has been slammed after he refused to take photos with her daughter on her wedding day.

Writing on Reddit, the daughter explained that her parents were divorced and father wasn't keen on taking family pictures as it would upset his new wife.

She wrote: "My parents are divorced and don't get along...but after I got engaged, I had dreams of having this big pretty wedding and I wanted my mum and dad to be a part of it.

"I wanted to do all the traditional things (mom gets ready with me and dad walks me down the aisle etc.)"

She said that when she tried to get a photo with her mother and father her stepmother "refused and threw a tantrum". She said the woman claimed it was "disrespectful" to her marriage and wouldn't drop the issue.

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She continued: "My stepdad didn't care because he doesn't have a temperament of a toddler and my mom was willing to do it. My dad however sided with his wife. I told him it was one picture that his daughter wanted to have a keepsake of to remember her wedding. He told me he loved me very much but that his wife wouldn't be comfortable with it and so he couldn't."

After that she was so upset she told her dad to leave and cancelled his speech and her first dance with him.

"He called me crying the next day, and wanted to talk. I told him good thing he has another daughter (dad and stepmom's kid) and good thing he has the chance to be the father of the bride at one point. He told me that I was not replaceable and if there was anything he could do to make it up to me."

She then said she wondered if she shouldn't have asked him to leave after all but writing in the comments, people said she was well within her right.our wedding, your rules

"Your step mother seems ridiculously insecure and toxic, she was clearly the source of the problems but you’d have never been able to get her to leave without your father, so your options were limited," one person said.

Another wrote: "He chose to damage your relationship. Honestly, it’s probably better they left anyway after his wife had no problem behaving that way and saying nasty things to you at your wedding, she probably wouldn’t have been pleasant the rest of the night and he wouldn’t have made her stop."

And a third said: "Nope. You asked for a photo on your wedding day with your biological parents. That’s perfectly reasonable. Stepmother is a child. He screwed up and screwed up your relationship. That’s down to his choices".

What a mess.

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