Married At First Sight star criticized for fat-shaming a mannequin

Married At First Sight star criticized for fat-shaming a mannequin
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Married at First Sight star Daniel Holmes received backlash from fans after posting a photo where he appeared to fat-shame a plus-size mannequin.

Holmes, a personal trainer, posted to his Instagram Story on Monday, to share a photo of the plus-size mannequin modeling clothes at a Nike store.

“Those that say this is empowering are completely delusional," Holmes wrote on the photo. “It’s promoting early death. There is no power in that.”

Holmes received backlash from people who called his post fatphobic.

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When Nike implemented the plus size in-store mannequins in 2019 they also received backlash from people who accused the company of promoting unhealthy lifestyle habits.

However, many celebrated the body inclusive mannequins.

Following the backlash, Holmes deleted his post and encouraged everyone to move "onwards" from the matter because "everyones' had their say."

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The Australian reality television star also went live on Instagram to clarify his post and address comments.

"My point is just purely, as a society, we need to be careful in where we take things in a certain direction," Holmes said. "If we start promoting unhealthy behaviors, where does that lead us in 10 years?"

The trainer said his concern is where the line is drawn when brands include "unhealthy body types" in their merchandise.

Commenters joined the conversation, many of which criticized Holmes for his thinking.

"As someone who is plus sized, seeing that mannequin encourages me to get into the gym because there is a comfortable gym clothing that caters to my current size. Your original post is exactly why plus sized people can feel uncomfortable and judged in a gym environment. The way you word things matters so be more conscious next time," an Instagram commenter wrote.

Other people called-out Holmes for participating in drinking alcohol or smoking while preaching about healthy behaviors.

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