TikTok user ‘finds dead cockroaches in her soy sauce bottle’ and the internet is repulsed

<p>TikToker allegedly finds cockroaches in her soy sauce bottle.</p>

TikToker allegedly finds cockroaches in her soy sauce bottle.

Photos courtesy of @sharneeellen/TikTok

A TikToker allegedly found some pesky critters in her soy sauce bottle—cockroaches.

Sharnee, who goes by @sharneeellen on the platform, posted a video titled “PSA: Check your sauces!” showing the sauce bottle and the dead cockroaches present.

“So, I got this sauce out of the cupboard and could feel that it felt quite empty,” the text over screen begins.

As a result, @sharneellen decided to see how much of the sauce was left in the bottle. Then, she discovered that there was “something other than sauce in there.”

“I needed to know what was in there, so I cracked it open, and this is what I found! I’m so grossed out,” the text on the screen read as the video pans over to what appears to be a few dead cockroaches submerged in sauce in a bowl. “We ate this sauce last week and commented on how sweet and delicious it was,” the text continued.

She then concluded the video by mentioning the sauce had never been “left open,” meaning, “they [cockroaches] have been in there the entire time we have owned it” and that they consumed “the entire bottle” of sauce.

Check out the video here.

People in the comments seemed frightened by the scenario, saying “they would never eat again” and other ways they would react to the discovery.

“I would faint and die if that happened to me,” someone wrote.

“New fear unlocked,” another added.

Despite the TikToker saying that the bottle of sauce was always closed, another commenter had their doubts that the cockroaches were in the bottle the duration of use by saying the following: “I highly doubt they were in there the whole time, lmao. That sauce is really sticky; it had to be left open once.”

A fourth person noted that a similar situation happened that involved cockroaches getting inside of a bottle: “They go inside either midway or when you leave it slightly open.”

Additionally, potential ways to eradicate the problem also flooded the comments with some saying the clear containers people use to transfer stuff to doesn’t seem so unnecessary” after all.

Well, they may be onto something with that one.

indy100 reached out to the sauce company and @sharneeellen for comment.

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