Debate sparked after man gives waiter a 200% tip and films it

Debate sparked after man gives waiter a 200% tip and films it
Viral TikTok Sparks Debate About Tipping

A man has sparked debate after posting a video showing him giving a waiter a 200 per cent tip on a $46 bill on Valentine’s Day.

Posting to TikTok, content creator and real estate professional Khang shared a clip of the waiter’s reaction with his 81,000 followers.


He Got 200% Tips

In the video, he prompted the waiter to swipe the tip bar as far as it goes. When it stopped, Khang said: “Boom, 200 per cent, done”.

On-screen text appears, which reads: “I love doing this. Feels so good to make someone’s day.”

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A woman at the table is heard saying: “You got $100 for tips… I’m for real”.

The waiter thanked them and gave Khang a thumbs up.

Since it was posted two days ago, the clip has received 175,000 views, 14,000 likes, and 200 comments.

Some commenters asked why he filmed himself giving such a generous tip.

One viewer wrote: “Why do we make games out of tipping people and [film] it? just give the money leave it at that.”

Another said: “I’ve tipped 100$ before and I’m not a millionaire. I also didn’t film it for clout.”

“Why record it? That’s lame,” another commented.

However others enjoyed the video, and urged others to view the clip positively.

One viewer wrote: “All the comments are hating, but [I] doubt any of them have EVER paid over 20% for their tips... smh [shaking my head].”

Another said: “As a server, I wouldn’t give a f*** if I’m being filmed or not. $100 on a $45 ticket? Y’all be so bent for no reason, I’m just glad for that server.”

In the US servers and bartenders rely on tips and a good rule of thumb for the amount to leave behind is between 15 and 20 per cent.

Although this means the amount of take-home pay servers receive each week varies wildly - for some, such as this Hooters waitress - it can prove lucrative. However, not every customer is quite so keen on leaving a tip...

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