Delivery driver goes rogue and appears to eat customer's order

Delivery driver goes rogue and appears to eat customer's order
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A man on Twitter revealed how his Deliveroo driver seemingly went rogue and appeared to eat his order.

On Friday (28 October), the man, who is a creative director and podcaster took to his platform to speak about the alleged incident.

In one tweet, he shared what appeared to be a text message exchange he had with the driver.

"What happened?" he seemingly messaged the driver.

The driver responded: "This food is very testy. I eat this. You can report the deliveroo company."

"You're an awful man," the original poster responded, seemingly disgruntled.

The driver added: "I don't care."

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People took to the post's comment section to express their disbelief over the driver's seemingly blatant disrespect.

One person wrote: "If I ever received a message like this, oh my."

"happened to me like twice," another added while a third wrote: "Ngl this the type of s*** that would make me so angry I'd laugh."

Someone else added: "Man said 'this food is very TESTY and then 'I eat this' and [face savouring food] emoji. I swear, on god, I'd be running in the street after the rider."

The story of the Deliveroo debacle didn't stop there.

In another tweet, the man shared that he reached out to Deliveroo customer service representative about the instance, and they seemingly left the chat when they said they would look into the situation.

"Looks like customer service don't want to hear it @DeliverooHelp," he wrote in one tweet.

The man also shared a screenshot of when the Deliveroo support contact got back in touch, but there wouldn't be an option to refund until he got his order.

"Man, the worst thing is they won't refund us until they attempt to redeliver it," he wrote.

Eventually, a second delivery driver gave Bagnall his food, but he still mentioned his disappointment in the customer service representative, who eventually said they were "unable to compensate" him at all.

"Companies that have no policy on how they hire the workers that represent them are pretty backwards and awful at customer service.

"I see you @Deliveroo @DeliverooHelp & @Uber," the man wrote.

A Deliveroo spokesperson told Indy100 that they've "apologised" to the man and "offered a gesture of goodwill which they have accepted and arranged for the meal to be delivered."

The man also told Indy100 that the delivery driver did come to his house and then “seemingly did a runner.”

“Calling us and taunting us before he did,” he said.

He also reiterated that he got “a fresh order” and a “refund,” eventually following “a lot of back and forth,” and hasn’t used the service since then.

He added: “While it was mildly annoying, it’s provided everyone a lot of laughs, and you’ve got to get a kick out of someone doing a bit of a Micheal Douglas in Falling Down and going on a bit of a mad one.”

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