Please don't make the toothpaste you've seen on TikTok

Please don't make the toothpaste you've seen on TikTok
Are you using too much toothpaste?

A new homemade fluoride-free toothpaste recipe is trending on TikTok - and dentists believe it could cause dental issues.

This warning comes during the rise in demand for herbal toothpaste, mainly those that don‘t have fluoride, with the homemade recipes getting millions of views on TikTok.

According to Dr. Cathryn Madden, Bupa’s head dentist, the homemade recipes include ingredients like charcoal, baking soda, and lemon, which are natural but can lead to problems with people’s teeth.

Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay and is in drinking water and toothpaste.

“Using things like lemon, which is acidic, or baking soda and salt, which are abrasive, can strip off the enamel from your teeth or cause discoloration,” Madden said in a report from

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Dentists do have patients who say they use other toothpaste methods or filter fluoride out of their water.

Some also chose to carry out that lifestyle with their children.

Homemade, fluoride-free toothpaste wears out people’s enamel which can cause discoloration, sensitivity, and cavities.

Madden recommends sticking with standard toothpaste containing fluoride, although there is an increase in dental care products that don‘t include the mineral.

She advised consumers to avoid paying attention to social media posts with claims about fluoride and dental hygiene.

Madden also expressed the importance of seeking a dental professional.

“[Dental professionals] can steer you toward an appropriate product even if you would prefer to look at those without fluoride," she continued.

"There are decades worth of good scientific evidence showing that fluoride is safe and is effective in the prevention of tooth decay,” she said.

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