Mum reveals huge difference in size 14 jeans despite buying from same shop

Mum reveals huge difference in size 14 jeans despite buying from same shop

Between finding the right cut, the right length, and the right waist size, buying jeans can be a minefield.

This is made worse by the fact that not all sizing is uniform, even within the same store, so you might find yourself fitting snugly into a size 8 pair of jeans and be left baffled when you can’t get the fly up on a size 16 pair.

To highlight how the sizing differs, a mother has taken to TikTok to show that four pairs of size 14 jeans from Old Navy can be vastly different in terms of fit.

“This is why women hate their bodies,” she said. "Four pairs of jeans, different styles, all lined up. All button fly, all from the same company, all the same size."

Commenting on each of the jeans in the pile, she said: “Huge on me, fits perfectly, a little snug, and can’t even get over my hips.”

As she pointed to each pair of jeans to say how they fit, on-screen text reads: “It’s not you, it’s them.”

She captioned the video: “Don’t judge your body by the number on the label.”


Don’t judge your body by the number on the label. #womensfashion #bodypositivity #itsjustanumber

The video has gained almost 14 million views and over 3.5 million likes since it was uploaded during the summer.

One commenter wrote: “Meanwhile my husband can buy 36x34s at ANY store and they all fit.”

Another TikTok user said: “It’s not just Old Navy, it’s every store, and it’s shirts too!”

“It’s not why I hate my body. It’s why I hate jean shopping,” another wrote.

An Old Navy staff member weighed in on the debate and said: “I work at Old Navy and this isn’t a fair comparison. Those are different styles of jeans. They are designed to fit differently.”

Addressing the Old Navy employee’s point in a follow-up video, she lined up four other pairs of jeans that have the same rise and cut.

By lining up the waistbands of the jeans, she pointed out that the size 12, 14, and 16 jeans are the same size.


More jeans comparisons. #womensfashion #bodypositivity #itsjustanumber #doesthisclearitupforyou #stopit

She also lined up two pairs of three-button jeggings from the same brand, in the same size, but in different colours.

“That’s at least two sizes difference,” she remarked as she compared the width of the waistband.

She then compared three pairs of skinny jeans. Pointing to each of the jeans, she showed how the size 12 and size 14 jeans are the same size.

Commenting on the follow-up video, one user wrote: “The point is, it’s not just Old Navy, it’s all brands and it’s ridiculous! Regardless of style/fit, a size 14 should fit someone who’s a size 14.”

Another viewer said that regardless of jean style, sizing should still be consistent: “A size 12 is a size 12, an 18 is an 18, a 24 is a 24… just because the jean style is different, doesn’t mean our bodies change! I hate shopping!”

This isn’t the first time jean sizing has gone viral. Last year, a counsellor for teen and pre-teen girls made a powerful point by showing the vast difference between the sizing of six pairs of jeans.

If we could standardise the sizing of womens’ jeans — and get rid of those fake pockets — we’d be very happy.

Indy100 has reached out to Old Navy for comment.

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