Disney film under fire for character's unrealistic body 'proportions'
Disney film under fire for character's unrealistic body 'proportions'
YouTube/Walt Disney Animation Studios

A character in a Disney film has been criticised for its unrealistic body proportions as it features a tiny wait and giant bum,

Disney’s 2016 film Inner Workings is relatively unknown, but one of the film’s characters, Kate, has recently gone viral for their disproportionate body.

In the 7-minute short film, a character named Paul falls in love with Kate, who has an extremely tiny waist, large bum and small neck.

A screenshot of the character was posted on Twitter by user @Glitch_Plantbro who posted the screenshot with the caption: “In no world did [Disney] need to do this.”

The post quickly gathered traction as others agreed that the proportions of the character were widely unrealistic.

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One person commented: “What the absolute hell are these character designs?”

Another said:” “I know it's just a cartoon but for the love of God... they need to put some belly on that girl.

“It makes me sad thinking kids out here thinking that's how their body should look. It's naturally impossible to have a booty like that with no belly at all.”

Another wrote: “And funny how Disney back in the days were making realistic proportions of princesses and princes - no big eyes, no extreme waist, everything was so much nicer when looking normal.

“Funny how they make big eyes now for kids to 'understand emotions' like what kind of BS is that?”

Someone else agreed, writing: “What's with the smashed body proportions it looks wrong and strange purpose for comedy reasons it's not funny.

“I'm sorry but this is just lazy character development.”

One other user asked: “Where are her organs?”

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