A doctor texted the wrong number for medical advice - and still got the right answer

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We've all Googled our symptoms before.

It's usually a bad idea - you should always seek help from a medical professional if you feel ill or under the weather.

In this viral instance however, it appears to have worked out swimmingly.

A text exchange between a woman and a doctor, originally shared imgur in February, is recirculating image forums and reddit again. The series of texts appear to show the doctor asking for advice from another medical professional but clearly getting the mobile number wrong.

Picture:Picture: imgur

Hannah was luckily, bang on the money.

There are two things to consider with posts of this kind of course.

Firstly, that trained medical professionals have to consider the potential side effects of procedures - answers are often not as simple as hammering a nail.

Secondly, that this is an unverified, unsourced text exchange post, as thus could easily be a fake.

Hannah also suggests a stent in the patient's arm for an issue with the patients leg... Which leaves us scratching our heads somewhat.

So, as the kids say, huge if true.

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