Dog become foster parent for 7 puppies after their mum couldn't cope

Dog become foster parent for 7 puppies after their mum couldn't cope
Rescue dog receives ‘animal OBE’ for more than a decade of service

A dog has captured the internet's heart after becoming the ultimate foster mum by taking care of seven adorable puppies.

TikTok Nancy Boerner (@boernersbloodhounds) details how Bernese mountain dog Lacey had experienced a phantom pregnancy which according to the PDSA is a "condition that can develop after a season, that causes a dog to act and feel pregnant when she isn’t," and they can produce pregnancy hormones.

Symptoms such as swollen mammary glands and milk production, nesting behaviour, low energy, reduced appetite and in severe cases a swollen tummy can last anywhere between 6-8 weeks.

Meanwhile, Belle the Bloodhound who also lives with Lacey at Boerner's Bloodhounds in Sisterdale, Texas had just given birth to 15 puppies and was struggling to cope with the challenges of being a new mum.

Boerner explains in the clip: "Yesterday when our Bloodhound Belle went into labour, Lacey decided she was going into false labour—carrying a ball around, nesting with it and shaking it.

"Anyway, I checked her this morning and she's got milk."

Good thing, Lacey was on hand to help out Belle by looking after some of the pups for her and after two false pregnancies she was happy to take on some mothering duties.

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"So we're slowly transitioning some of them over here to Lacey," Boerner explained. "I just can't believe how well she's taken to them. She is super happy and I'm sure Belle is going to be very relieved as well."


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Boerner confirmed that all the puppies and both adult dogs were doing well—with eight puppies now being cared for by Belle and seven with Lacey the foster mom.

She explained that Lacey has had two false pregnancies before, and was extremely happy to have the puppies.

Since sharing the updates on Belle, Lacey and the puppies, the most viral has received 919,000 views, 157,000 likes and thousands of comments from people.

One person wrote: "She’s like heck yeah, easiest labor and delivery ever!"

"She knew that she was going to be needed," another person said.

Someone else added: "She's so proud of her adopted babies!!"

"She understood the assignment," a fourth person replied.

After becoming a viral sensation, Boerner posted further updates where she revealed both the puppies and two dogs were well, with eight of the pups being taken care of by Belle and Lacey still helping out to look after the remaining seven pups.

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