Dogs can identify what language their owners speak

Sometimes pets make better impressions of people than people themselves, as is the case of one Siberian Husky who expertly nailed her owner's laugh.

In a video uploaded by Sara Cassie (according to her YouTube channel) - the person behind the adorable TikTok account @flola_thehuskies - two huskies, a girl named Lola, and a boy named Fang can be seen relaxing on the wood floor in what appears to be a living room.

Then all of a sudden, you hear Lola, "the laughing husky," start to chuckle as Fang, "the very good boy," sat there unbothered.

As the owner laughed again, Lola could be seen mirroring her, which sounded pretty accurate.

"She fully mocked my laugh," the owner captioned the post.

She fully mocked my laugh 🤣 #talkinghusky #puppy #funny #husky


She fully mocked my laugh 🤣 #talkinghusky #puppy #funny #husky

She fully mocked my laugh 🤣 #talkinghusky #puppy #funny #husky

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Once people saw the video, they thought it was hilarious and didn't hesitate to point out how good Lola is at impressions.

"Haha, that is freakishly spot on. Impressed!!!" someone wrote while another added: "Dang. She's got you."

"She's one of those dancing cacti that repeat everything you say in a higher tone," a third wrote.

A fourth poking fun at Lola's octave range wrote: "Went full Beyoncé at the end part."

Someone else believed that this moment could spark a new dog challenge trend on the platform and wrote: "Instead of the 'bark at your dog' challenge, it's the 'mock your human' challenge."

Elsewhere on the account, you can see the pups living their lives, having fun with their owner, and of course, having conversations with the camera.

Check out their content here to see daily videos.

Indy100 reached out to the @flola_thehuskies account via TikTok comment.

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