This dog surfs as therapy after being injured in attack by other dogs

Viral Hog; Instagram / supercorgi_jojo

Jojo the Californian Corgi is making waves on social media with his amazing moves on a surf board.

The talented eight-year-old pooch began surfing after horrific attack from other dogs in 2014. Now, he looks totally at home on the board.

His owner Josephine Zosa explained to LADbible that she introduced JoJo to surfing as a form of therapy, after an attack where she injured her hand and Jojo almost died.

It all happened from when we got attacked by two dogs.

I got attacked on my hand and Jojo almost didn't make it alive.

We had to rush him to the emergency vet and did tons of rehab after his operation we started with hydrotherapy.

When my husband came home from deployment, he took Jojo out to the beach and did therapy there. 

Jojo surfing is therapy and it had helped him to be healthy again.

He got his strength and mobility back.

Zosa continued:

We love being in the water. We get to bond and it's just fun being able to spend time together.

With skills to put a human surfer to shame and a winning smile, JoJo is proving a hit on Instagram.

Lookin' swell, Jojo.

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