Dominos aimed for viral marketing. Delivered


Warning: This piece contains a naughty word and unbearable levels of viral marketing.

Brands love when you @ them in social media stunts.

It's like the holy grail of good PR.

Like when you buy 120 tacos from Taco Bell and tweet about it. It's OUTRAGEOUS and viral.

It's an honest-to-god human joke but the brand's in on it - but it's not about the company and it's light and fluffy humour everyone can enjoy - and you really want a Taco Bell now, don't you?

Anyway, on a completely unrelated topic, Ford Reynolds recently ordered a Dominos pizza with an additional special request attached.

And Dominos, as they do, delivered:

Ford got 128,000 retweets, which is known by those in the viral game as a 'whopper'.

Oh wait no, that's Burger King.

If you were inclined to disbelieve the veracity of the meme (you monster) you'd point out that the box has one fewer 'z' than the request form.

In addition, despite his many, many attempts to get Dominos to send him free pizza for the stunt (which they did the legwork for)...

... He's yet to receive any, given this lashing out tweet at a faceless PR:

It's all a bit suspicious really.

Yo Dominos, hit us up.

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