14 of the funniest 'Don Poorleone' memes as Trump is mocked for bond payment deadline

14 of the funniest 'Don Poorleone' memes as Trump is mocked for bond payment deadline
Trump claims to have money for civil fraud bond
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Donald Trump has been given the meme treatment as the $464m bond payment deadline looms on Monday (March 25), with the hashtag “Don Poorleone” trending on social media.

The former president has been given the unfortunate nickname after he was ordered to post a $464m bond payment to comply with a New York civil court ruling that found him guilty of fraud earlier this year.

Last week, Trump’s attorneys said that he didn’t have the funds, saying he faced “insurmountable difficulties” securing the bond.

Notably, Trump was told by New York Attorney General Letitia James that if he didn’t pay by the deadline, her team would ask the court to seize his assets.

With the deadline approaching, people over the weekend enjoyed themselves over poking fun at the man they’ve dubbed “Don Poorleone”.

The nickname is, of course, in reference to one of the most recognisable film characters of all time, Don Corleone from The Godfather.

And instead of ‘making him an offer he can’t refuse’, as in the movie, social media users have joked that Don Poorleone is ‘making an offer everyone refused’.

The nickname has seen Trump become a meme again over the weekend – these are some of the funniest memes.

It comes after Trump pleaded with his followers to send cash to help with his legal fees, sending a message to his followers to “chip in and stop the witch-hunt”.

Urging his supporters to keep the New York’s attorney general’s “filthy hands” off Trump Tower and his other properties.

The fundraising email had the headline “Keep your filthy hands off Trump Tower!” and read: “Insane radical Democrat AG Letitia James wants to SEIZE my properties in New York. This includes the iconic Trump Tower.”

The email added: “Democrats think that this will intimidate me. They think that if they take my cash to stifle my campaign, that I’ll GIVE UP!

“But worst of all? They think that YOU will abandon me, and that you will GIVE UP on our country. Here’s one thing they don’t know: WE WILL NEVER SURRENDER!”

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