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For better or worse, Donald Trump signing an executive order has become one of the most frequent and iconic images of his burgeoning Presidency.

His immigration ban has caused mass protests around the world.

It also involved him holding up a piece of paper that was easy to photoshop things onto.

And because this is the internet that is exactly what happened.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the hottest Twitter account in the world right now, Trump Draws.

Look, Donald Trump has drawn a cat!

And a house!

And a dinosaur!

He even drew around his tiny hand to draw a tiny turkey!

Look, he did a self-portrait!

It’s so simple, yet so funny, and it truly does soothe the pain.

You have to question how naïve his administration is though, to put a politician in such an easily manipulated image. It's basically a trope now.

But what if they’re actually doing it deliberately, actively putting Trump in highly meme-able situations, so that we get distracted and laugh at the silly memes, while his administration sneak through their scary plans?

Oh look, he’s drawn a horse!

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