Melania Trump looking sad has become a meme and we can't look away


Donald Trump has been characterised as the first 'Twitter President'. Keeping up the family's reputation, Melania Trump became a meme within hours of becoming First Lady.​

On inauguration day many people were captivated by the expression of outgoing first lady Michelle Obama.

But since then, many have noticed that the new First Lady has been looking rather glum.

As well as a video showing the president's less than gentlemanly treatment of his third wife.

Our concern even made it to the Women's March on Saturday.

Once the expressions of sympathy were done and dusted, we the people, made a meme.

Because that's what we do now.

Don't feel too bad though - She is able to promote her line of jewellery on the White House website, while the LGBT and Spanish language sections were removed, and mentions of climate change thrown down the memory hole.

HT Buzzfeed

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