Three years ago. The Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition was in power in the United Kingdom and Barack Obama was early on in his second term.

Donald Trump's only contribution to politics at this point was questioning Barack Obama's birth certificate.

May 2013 was a strong month for his Twitter account:

He also signalled a foray into politics. Foreshadowing his inauguration, he also hinted that he approved of some plans suggested to him via Twitter.

This is, of course, referencing Donald Trump's show, The Apprentice, and his catchphrase on it.

As exhibited by this May 2013 classic tweet:

However, saying "You're fired!" wouldn't make much sense. Obama served a maximum of two terms.

But we suppose...

You have completed your service, having been elected twice (the maximum possible duration), to the Oval Office and I hope to be an adequate successor to your legacy!

... Isn't quite his target market.

It's also quite a long soundbite for a talking doll.

Picture:Picture: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States on 20 January in Washington, District of Columbia.

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