Ok. This has stopped being funny now. I want to get off the Donald Trump is the President train. Please.

He misspelled the word coverage, and that was amusing because, he's the zany President and he made a typo.

Now things with North Korea are getting serious, and while North Korea technically started this, the President has opted for a 'go big or go home' strategy, by threatening Biblical recriminations on the regime.

North Korea responded to this by threatening to strike the Pacific Island of Guam, a US territory.

Bilge Ebiri, a writer and critic for Village Voice, and a variety of other publications may have hit upon the President's strategy.

It's been retweeted by over 25,000 people, and liked by more than 71,000.

Which is good, because if this many folk have been forewarned, there might be a chance that the human race can survive the coming armageddon.

Fingers crossed.

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