Donald Trump's strangest tweet ever has become a glorious meme

Pretty much everything Donald Trump has done in office has been a mystery, but nothing has left people more confused than his latest tweet.

Last night the leader of the free world said:

That's right... "covfefe". And it's left everyone stumped.

It inspired some creative genius:

And many other great things:

Urban Dictionary moved fast on the situation.

While lovers of Carly Rae Jepsen were kept happy.

There was also this great exchange:

Reveal your secrets wizard!

Obviously, this excellent picture from the campaign trail got an outing.

A lot of people had this startling realisation.

I don't think it makes total sense.

This may not be genuine.

Some people suggested what might have happpend:

Some of their theories were slightly more zany:

But, back to the memes.

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