Trump's Truth Social network struggled to find employees because it only wanted right-wingers

Trump's Truth Social network struggled to find employees because it only wanted right-wingers
Donald Trump Slams Jan. 6 Committee on Truth Social

Former President Donald Trump's Truth Social network struggled to find employees because it only wanted right-wingers.

In a report from Reuters, Truth Social launched in the App Store in February, and Trump boasted that the app is an alternative to Big Tech, which he claimed censors right-wing views.

The app's launch experienced technical difficulties, and many users were placed onto a long waiting list when they tried to sign up for it.

Three sources, who have an understanding of Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG - the company behind Trump's social media app), told Reuters that the company seemingly opted not to hire left-wing employees.

This was a requirement that evidently diminished the talent pool of tech candidates.

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According to one source, they told the outlet that on at least one occasion, the recruiters for the company carefully searched through a potential candidates' social media to assess their politics.

Three people aware of TMTG's recruitment initiatives also told the outlet that tech workers with moderate and left-wing views were often not keen on working for the company.

Another person who TMTG approached explained to Reuters not only did they have objections to the former commander-in-chief's politics, but they were also put off by his failed business ventures in the past.

Digital World Acquisition Corp, which is a SPAC that is in the process of trying to acquire TMTG, made a list of Trump's previous failed businesses.

It included things such as Trump University, Trump Taj Mahal, and Trump Vodka, which were considered a risk factors for investors.

Reuters also reported that the people who did accept jobs at TMTG had taken initiatives to conceal that fact.

When the outlet reviewed the social media bios of people at the company, it found some had omitted to mention their jobs at TMTG.

A source told Reuters that this was due to some staff members being frightened that their association with the company could harm their future career options.

As of March 31, a regulatory filing by Digital World said that TMTG had around 40 employees.

Reuters reached out to TMTG for comment on its report and got a statement from Shannon Devine, a managing partner at investor relations company MZ Group.

Devine told the outlet that the report had "false and defamatory statements" and "omits material facts."

However, Reuters said that Devine did not specify which parts of the reports were false and didn't reply to a follow-up request for comment.

Indy100 also reached out to TMTG for comment.

Read the full Reuters report here.

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