Man is so keen for Downing Street rave that he turns up two weeks early

Man is so keen for Downing Street rave that he turns up two weeks early

While the controversial No 10 Christmas party has dominated conversations across the nation, one Facebook user has taken matters into their own hands.

Putting their spin on the catastrophe, they curated their very own Facebook event fittingly titled, “CHRISTMAS RAVE - 10 Downing Street”.

The event, suggested to kick off at 6pm on Christmas Eve, has already racked up a staggering 1.1 million RSVPs, with 477,700 confirmations and a further 629,800 having registered their interest.


“No social distancing required, bring who you like, bring your own nibbles and drink,” before adding the disclaimer that the “event is not real” and just “for humour and poking fun at the powers that be.”

Hypothetical or not, one man will certainly be in attendance. In fact, he is already there – two weeks early.

A viral TikTok clip from @landantaan shows one eager partygoer getting a head-start on the festivities as he dances outside Downing Street to Lesley Gore’s, It’s My Party.


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The video has received over 300,000 views overnight, along with an influx of comments.

“Imagine the big man just came out and started dancing lol,” one joked, while another was in awe of the UK’s take on the incident, “This is why I love the UK, such creativity.”

“Not all heroes wear capes,” another joked.

One user added: “We will all be joining you on Christmas Eve.”

Someone has already reportedly messaged the Metropolitan Police saying, “Hey Guys! Giving you a heads up on a relatively small rave happening on 24th Dec at 10 Downing St.

“Feel free to turn off your body cams and scanners and get absolutely t***ted with us (we won’t grass on yer).”

The Met police allegedly replied: “We have already been made aware of this. Thank you.”

You can always rely on Brits to provide A1 creativity.

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