Singing family release brilliant satire song about Sue Gray inquiry

Singing family release brilliant satire song about Sue Gray inquiry

A singing family-of-six have turned the nation’s fury over Partygate into an original political satire song about Sue Gray’s inquiry – and people love it.

One of the UK’s leading civil servants, Sue Gray, has been tasked with investigating the series of reported Downing Street parties to determine what actually happened. Gray replaced Cabinet Secretary Simon Case as leader of the investigation amid reports that events were also held in his department.

The Marsh Family put their own unique spin on Britain’s “pathetic, crass, tragicomedy” – and quite literally sang Gray’s praises. “She’s the only one with integrity and honesty, morality and decency,” they said.

“She’s the only one who’s immune to fear or favour,” they continued in their catchy tune.

There was even a reference to Jackie Weaver thrown in as they sang: “Be like Jackie Weaver and expose disreputable acts!”

Taking to their official Twitter page, the Marsh Family shared: “Our first foray into political satire.

“It’s our form of self-therapy. Motivated by rage. And parenting. So many people re-traumatised by the hypocrisy of #DowningStreetParties. So little integrity.

“It’s called: ‘We’ll Have to Wait for Sue Gray’s Inquiry.’”

See it for yourself here:

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Many people were in awe of the “incredible tune” and turned to Twitter to thank the family for brightening up their day.

“Brilliant. As a mum of 3 teens who are livid I think it’s great that you’ve let your kids sum it up like this. Love your vids and when I’m down about things they never fail to make me smile,” one commented.

One fan of the song said it was so hilarious that his laughter woke up his wife. “This was a song waiting to be written, and so glad it was you. Performed with the right mix of emotions. You’ve all done yourselves proud (yet again.) Keep going strong, all of you,” he added.

We sense a Marsh Family musical coming along.

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