Dave Portnoy brands Dragon Pizza owner one of 'worst humans in history' over review row

Dave Portnoy brands Dragon Pizza owner one of 'worst humans in history' over review row
Barstool Sports owner Dave Portnoy gets into profanity-laced argument with pizzeria owner: …
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An argument between the founder of Barstool Sports and American businessman, Dave Portnoy and the owner of the Dragon Pizza restaurant in Sommerville, Massachusettes has seen the latter branded one of the 'worst humans in history' with the venue being bombarded with negative reviews.

In 2017 46-year-old Portnoy began an internet series called 'One Bite Pizza' where he does video reviews of pizza outlets throughout the United States. The popular series also has an app and its own frozen pizza range.

Portnoy's series is usually well-received and has featured the odd celebrity guest and wholesome interactions with the public that have gone viral. However, his latest review has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

His review of Dragon Pizza took an unexpected turn when the owner of the restaurant, wearing a tight Star Wars t-shirt, stormed out onto the street where Portnoy was filming his review to berate the businessman.

At this point, Portnoy was already a little disappointed with the food he had purchased giving it a medium rating of 6.4 but did concede that it could have been his fault for leaving it in the box too long. However, the mood soon changed when the owner confronted him.

"Enjoy your pizza as any customer but I don’t appreciate what you do, coming in and judging a business with one bite," the owner yelled at Portnoy before telling him to move on.

Portnoy argues back and forth with the owner, criticising his appearance and highlighting all the work and money he had raised to help and promote small businesses.

Dragon Pizza has subsequently gone viral thanks to this interaction and flooded with negative reviews on Yelp which appear to have emerged since Portnoy shared his own review so it's hard to determine how genuine they are.

Barstool Sports has since shared an article calling the owner 'one of the worst humans in history.' The owner previously responded to the argument a week ago (presumably when the review was filmed) with a stinging Instagram post where he wrote: "F@$K you and the Stool you came in on, Dave Douchebag. Your show sucks. You suck, and you truly are the classless tool I thought you are."

In Portnoy's article he conceded that he wasn't everyone's "cup of tea" but questioned why the owner would pick a fight with him and "say that I'm bad for small business and bad for the pizza industry?"

He added: "Like even my most ardent haters have to begrudgingly admit that I've done more for small business than 99.9 of private citizens in this country. It just shows how little this guy actually knows about me that he couldn't name 1 actual reason he really hated me besides "The New York Times." And that is why this guy is everything that is wrong with America right now."

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