Drunk Brit tries to buy strange American a pizza, accidentally buys $500 worth of Bitcoin, declares pizza for all

A random act of pizza took place on the internet recently, when a drunk and ebullient UK man ended up buying pizza for hundreds of Americans.

In a subreddit set-up specifically for the act of altruism, the man asked: "Can someone help me (UK) buy a pizza for someone in the US? I'll reward whoever can get me a method that works."

He added:

I'm going to stay here all day until we get this done. In fact I'm going to crack open a beer and wait it out. We're getting him that pizza!

Then more beers happened.

A flurry of updates followed:

Edit one: Trying the gift services - no joy.

Edit two: Amazon doesn't like it and keeps cancelling my purchases!

Edit three: three beers down.

Edit four: Work paypal is suspended. Whoops.

Edit five: 6 beers down.

Edit six: No one likes our banks.

Edit seven: Okay so buying steam keys to trade for bitcoin. WE"RE DOING IT

Edit eight: 9 beers down.

Edit ten: You know what I'm a tad merry BUT I'VE GOT BITCOINS!

Then he truly lost his mind (spelling and capitalisation his own):

Edit: 10 ARE YOU IN THE STATES? DO YOU WANT PIZZA? TALK TO ME. MAY HAVE GONE OVERBOARD WITH BITCOINS. Like I bought 2 to make sure it worked and it turned out that's like $550. Gotta be papa johns tho as they're the easiest to sort out.

edit; 10 38/? claimed so far. (I've no idea what the numbers mean. Could be a lot. Who knows).

editl 11Guys if you've got a pizza speak up in the thread. Let it be known that SobeyHarker of Campus Society ain't a welcher on his word!

Then came one final big edit:

EDIT WHATEVER:: Hey! If you want pizza well you're in luck. If you're reading this I've passed out because it's 5am in my time and I have work at 9am. If you want a pizza write in a comment in this thread why you want one. I'm not very eloquent right now but there's about $160-170 worth going.

Bollocks to down/upvotes - I'll read each and every comment that's made in this post. In the spirit of ROAP though it has to be a comment. I'm an inscrutable man and not open to bribery but feel free to flatter me regardless.

I'll be back 2-4pm GMT (No promises on an exact time and we'll choose all our winners then.

His spontaneous enormous pizza order had Redditors in stitches, with some posting pictures of their successfully delivered pies.

"OP doing more for the starving masses than local politicians," one wrote.

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