Man drunkenly decides to change his name to Celine Dion

<p>Celine Dion</p>

Celine Dion

There’s always one person that does something a bit crazy when they’re drunk.

But a man from Staffordshire has only gone and legally changed his name to Celine Dion after a night of drinking.

The super fan formerly known as Thomas Dodd, 30, reckons he had one too many after watching the Canadian singer's concert over the Christmas period and ended up paying £89 to officially share her name.

He also snapped up eight extra certificates at the cost of £10 each to prove his new moniker is the real deal.

But Dion, who previously went by Dodd, has no plans to change it back at the moment.

He told Birmingham Live he realised what had happened after receiving an envelope in the post: “I nearly passed out in my kitchen when I opened it.”

The Staffordshire Dion is taking his new name in good spirits though.

"My initial concern was how on earth do I tell the HR department at work that I need to change my email footer?

"Now I'm thinking it could be a great way to get backstage.

"I'm just praying I don't get pulled over by the police for anything - that could get awkward.”

Hospitality manager Dion said he had recently moved house and hadn’t introduced himself to his neighbours yet either.

"My mother didn't see the funny side though. I did explain it could be worse and it could've been Boris Johnson - we're just lucky he doesn't have any live concerts.

"She's laughing about it now,” he added.

"I tried singing Celine in the shower this morning and I can assure everyone I haven't inherited her voice or bank balance.”

Dion said he is “slightly obsessed” with her superstar and last went to see her perform live in 2019.

Sounds like his “heart will go on”…

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