Cruel trolls target TikTok star for dyeing her dog's fur red

Cruel trolls target TikTok star for dyeing her dog's fur red
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A woman who dyes her dog’s fur red has spoken out against critics who accuse her of animal abuse.

TikTok user Chloe regularly shares videos of her dog Dandy with their 335,000 followers on their page @danthebigreddog.

The lovable dog’s vibrant colouring and massive 130-pound frame have led to him being compared to the iconic hound Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Despite using pet-safe dye and the pooch looking healthy and happy, however, Chloe has received backlash on the app.

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Responding to critics, Chloe has made several videos explaining why she dyes her pooch’s fur.


We watched that one big red dog movie together last night. Dan loved it :)

Chloe said dyed dogs are less likely to get stolen, less likely to get hit by a car, and the special dye is good for his fur.

She said her videos also educate others on how to use pet-safe dye on their own furry friends, and of course, his distinctive appearance makes people smile.


Hes a happy red dog 😌♥️

This isn’t the first time she has addressed viewers’ negative comments. In November she uploaded a video showing Dan looking happy along with the on-screen text: “This isn’t what abuse looks like”.

She first gave Dan the makeover last October for Halloween and liked it so much she kept the look.

Since then, the pair has garnered a substantial following on the app, receiving almost 10 million likes and amassing 335,000 followers.

It looks like Dan may be claiming Clifford’s place as the world’s favourite big red dog.

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