Elon Musk's bedside table has become an instant meme

'Do they hate free speech in America?': Elon Musk says Apple has …

Elon Musk really is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to unintentional comedy content.

First, there was the birth of all those Twitter parody accounts in response to his planned blue tick change, now he’s delighted the meme-makers with a glimpse at his nighttime essentials.

Most of us sleep with a lamp by our beds and maybe a glass of water or a book. But not the richest man in the world, oh no.

His bedside table is laden with two guns – one of which lies in a case decorated with a picture of George Washington – and four cans of caffeine-free Diet Coke, if his tweets are to be believed.

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The Tesla boss proudly shared a photo of the right-wing-wet-dream-style display on Monday, commenting: “There is no excuse for my lack of coasters.”

He then added what can only be described as the quintessential dad joke: “Greetings, I’m Musket, Elon Musket.”

The personal revelation was met with bemusement by fellow social media users and has since spawned a steady stream of “my bedside table” memes.

Here’s a look at some of the best ones:

It all comes as the new Twitter chief looks set to become the platform’s top influencer, having already amassed 120 million followers.

Musk is currently trumped only by Barack Obama – who’s followed by 130 million people – but data analysts predict he’ll overtake the former president by 17 January 2023, the BBCreports.

We wonder what trick he’ll pull next to add to his list of disciples... tweet us a picture of the contents of his closet, including any skeletons, perhaps?

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