Elon Musk bragged about stealing websites memes just to troll them

Elon Musk bragged about stealing websites memes just to troll them
Elon Musk posts vulgar tweet about Bill Gates in midst of feud

Elon Musk has reignited his feud with the publication Hard Drive, after bragging about stealing memes from them.

Earlier this year, Musk found himself on the receiving end of a social media roasting after being accused of stealing the website’s meme without crediting the source.

The Tesla CEO was called out by the satirical gaming site, after he shared a picture from its article titled ‘Zodiac Killer Letter Solved By Opening It With VLC Media Player’ without crediting them

The site replied to Musk’s now deleted tweet, saying it would “give him a horse” if he ‘stopped cropping their name off their articles’.

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Musk has now joked about the incident and joked that he could do the same again in the future.

“A friend of mine is suggesting that I troll Hard Drive by posting more memes from them,” Musk said during a chat with The Kilowatts.

"I’m just going to keep stealing their memes and posting them without giving them any credit."

He added: “My friend is saying I should post Hard Drive memes and declare that I made it myself… and then telling Hard Drive to stop copying me.”

His last interaction with Hard Drive didn’t end too well for Musk.

After Hard Drive posted a story titled ‘Elon Musk Admits He Wants to Travel to Mars Because No One Hates Him There Yet’ in response in the thread, Musk tried to hit back – but found himself ratioed in pretty emphatic style.

The CEO doesn't seem to have been put off after his feud with the publicationThe Kilowatts

“Less funny than SNL on a bad day,” he wrote. “This could make a drunk person sober. Try harder!”

Hard Drive then hit back in emphatic style by posting a picture of Musk in a Wario suit on the set of SNL and wrote: “Well, you’re an expert on SNL’s bad days.”

It comes after Chelsea Manning accused Musk of "transphobic" tweets following reports of her dating his ex Grimes.

Back in March, Musk’s ex-partner Grimes announced the pair had welcomed their second child together.

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