TikTok stunned to learn that Ethiopia is 'seven years behind the rest of the world'

TikTok stunned to learn that Ethiopia is 'seven years behind the rest of the world'
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A viral TikTok clip revealed that Ethiopia is around seven years behind the rest of the world – and users are creeped out.

Umutoni Kabeza (@the1kevine) told her two million viewers that Africa's oldest independent country has their own calendar, meaning that they are currently living in 2014.

"What is interesting about Ethiopia is that it's the only African country to not get colonised by white people," she said, adding: "They don't follow the Gregorian calendar."

She quizzed: "What's really f***ing real y'all?"

Umutoni said she thought it was "mad weird" – and she wasn't the only one. Thousands of intrigued TikTokers headed to the comments, with one theorising: "The real 2012 was 2020."

Another said it "made sense" because "the new year never feels real until March/April anyway." While a third agreed and claimed, "Ethiopia is right, we are wrong."

One TikTok user raised the question: "Why is Oct. (Octo) the 10th month and not the 8th? Dec.(deca) the 12th month and not the 10th etc. etc."

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So why does Ethiopia follow a different calendar?

A year in Ethiopia lasts 13 months because it calculates the birth year of Jesus Christ differently, according to the BBC. This means they are between seven and eight years behind the rest of the world, having celebrated 2014 in September.

Each month contains 30 days except for the 13th month, called Pagume. This month has only five or six days, dependent on whether it's a leap year.

Their concept of time is also different.

The day is divided into two 12-hour slots starting from 6:00 am, making midday and midnight 6:00 pm in Ethiopian time.

Mind blown.

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