Euro 2020: People are asking Italy to ‘let England have the Euros’ after they thrashed us in Eurovision

In what is truly the wildest crossover in a long, long time, Eurovision and the Euro 2020 tournament have been mentioned in the same sentence. Why? Because Italy has already won this year’s song contest, so it doesn’t need to win Sunday night’s final as well.

Back in May, the Italian rock band Måneskin took home the trophy in the 65th annual Eurovision Song Contest, held in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. They won with 524 points, while the United Kingdom – with our track “Embers” by James Newman - stayed true to form and came last with nil points.

Now, England is up against Italy in the Euros, after we defeated Denmark 2-1 and they beat Spain on penalties in the semi-final matches.

However, while Måneskin themselves have suggested to ITV’s Nina Nannar that they’ll be showing support for their national team on Sunday night (band member Victoria De Angelis joked that “we’re going to be enemies”), UK Twitter is hoping tonight will see England steal Italy’s thunder:

Others, meanwhile, have discussed just how “powerful” it would be if Italy won the Euros too:

Whatever happens, we can be sure that memes will follow…

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