When it comes to football, sometimes the fan reactions to the match are just as exciting as the game itself.

You get the fans singing away before realising they’re on camera and start waving enthusiastically, the drunkards, and the fans who go through a range of emotions before whipping their shirt off and yelling at the pitch.

Okay, maybe not the last one.

But that was the case for one Switzerland supporter, who was filmed despairing at his team’s progress before later being seen with his top off, yelling at the players on the pitch after the side won their Euro 2020 match against France on penalties.

True poetry.

However, it looks like internet fame wasn’t the only thing the man, identified as Luca Loutenbach, has received following Monday’s game. According to the Spanish sport newspaper MARCA, he’s accepted free flights to St Petersburg to watch his team take on Spain on Friday, as well as drinks from Red Bull to take on his journey.

The offers can be seen underneath what appears to be Mr Loutenbach’s Twitter account, after he posted a tweet asking Swiss International Airlines how many retweets he would need to get to the match.

“Contact us via direct message and we will make your dreams come true,” the brand replied.

Meanwhile, Red Bull Switzerland commented: “We would love to give you some wiiings for your flight to St Petersburg [sunglasses emoji] Send us a DM!

“By wings we mean cans of course, haha.”

MARCA also reports that the Swiss Tourist Office and a milk brand, Emmi, have also made contact, while the Swiss government reportedly wants to use the image as part of their Covid-19 vaccination campaign.

Fingers crossed we get to see more incredible reactions from Mr Loutenbach this evening.

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