Artist turns people's deepest, darkest fears into incredible cartoons

Fran Krause is a Los Angeles based artist and teacher who started illustrating people's deepest, darkest fears by accident.

"I have worked for quite a while as an animator, and I admired how comics can tell stories with only one image," he told of the popular web comic which began in December 2012.

"It dawned on me that I have a lot of irrational fears - I was probably sitting at my blank sketchbook pondering how easily I could accidentally poke out my eyes. I have a lot of material."

As the Deep Dark Fears comic gained popularity people began to send in their own worries. "The odd thing is, I've never asked people to send in their own fears. I think people saw my blog with thirty or forty weird fears, related to it, assumed that they weren't all from one person, and assumed I was taking requests," he says. "People have been very generous with their stories and fears, and I feel very lucky to be trusted to illustrate their personal fear."

You can now officially submit fears for Krause to illustrate here, on the Deep Dark Fears site.

As for his favourite fear? It is still unpublished, but will be in the book of comics he has created that is coming out next Autumn.

"I managed to work in some of my favourite childhood monsters. I can't wait to show everyone," he says.

Until them, here are some of the poignant and intensely honest fears in the web comic so far.

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