Woman fakes having Covid to go on night out only to be caught red handed by her boss

Woman fakes having Covid to go on night out only to be caught red handed by her boss
Woman fakes positive Covid test to get out of ‘worst date ever’

With the pandemic taking over the world for the past two years, some have been able to exploit use the unprecedented circumstances for their own benefit.

TikTok user Ellie Middleton (@elliemiddleton1973) posted the lengths she went to in order to miss work and go on a night out with pals instead.

At the beginning of the video, Middleton can be seen partying in a nightclub where she revealed how she was able to avoid having to go to work by lying to her boss and told him she had Covid, meaning she had to isolate at home as the text overlay read: "Me faking I had covid so I could go out mad Friday to my boss."

To Middleton's surprise, she then received an unexpected message from none other than her boss who asked: "Where are you?"

Uh-oh, it seems he caught wind of her porky pies, but Middleton kept up the lie and told him she was at home.

Her boss was having none of it though and questioned: "How come you're out?"

Playing it cool she replied: "I'm not? Why've you thought that?"

He then mentions how he saw Middleton on a mutual friend's Snapchat story - yikes.

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While she couldn't deny her attendance at this point, Middleton attempted to resurrect the problem she face and wrote a lengthy message back: "My test was negative, I did one of my mum's PCR tests and they came back straight away because she works in a care home.

"So I went to Lily's birthday party just to show my face but I can be back at work tomorrow because I'm negative."

But Middleton wasn't off the hook just yet as her boss demanded to see the email confirmation of this - an email Middleton didn't have as she noted how screwed she was. "Email?? I didn't even go for a covid test, I never had it f**k."

She acknowledged in the TikTok caption that it "wasn’t my smartest move."

wasn’t my smartest move


wasn’t my smartest move

wasn’t my smartest move

Since sharing her failed attempt at pulling a Covid sickie, the video has received over 245,000 views, 72,000 likes, along with hundreds of comments from people who shared their thoughts on how Middleton's plan backfired spectacularly.

One person wrote: "No cos I actually got fired for doing this."

"Should have said it was a memory," another person suggested.

Someone else added: "If you wasn’t getting sack then, now you are after this TikTok."

While others weren't impressed with Middleton using Covid as an excuse to bunk off work.

One person wrote: "This is embarrassing for u hun."

"So sh*t to pull the covid card all for a night out and a few days off," another person said.

Someone else replied: "My best friend died from covid, just not a joke, think of the families, and the 153,000 dead here in UK."

In part two of this story, the TikToker showed how insistent her boss was on her sending proof of a negative Covid test to which she continued to lie through her teeth - but her boss continued to apply pressure for results that Middleton didn't get tested for.

Part 2

Part 2

In the end, Middleton shared how she's "waiting for the message saying I'm sacked - oh dear.

The moral of the story - let's not fake Covid like Middleton did as you could get caught out.

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