TikTokers slam ‘fat-shaming’ filter for predicting food apps as most used

TikTokers slam ‘fat-shaming’ filter for predicting food apps as most used
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TikTok users have slammed a "fat-shaming" filter that "predicts" peoples' most-used apps, with claims that bigger TikTokers are being shown food apps.

While it's unclear whether the app 'My Screen Time' relies on personal data, many users have been testing it out for themselves and coming to their own conclusions.

In one viral clip by @lgbtavenger, the generator reveals over 26 hours worth of Netflix, over 10 hours on Uber Eats and two hours on Lime scooters – which she branded "fatphobic".

A second user (@oliveandfern) intentionally tested the app with and without a double chin to see whether it triggered the filter. The results revealed Netflix, Facetime and Photos, but the second time around showed 26 hours of Uber Eats.

The comments were flooded with people who experienced the same thing.

"When I did my double chin, I got McDonald’s, Uber eats, and discord," one said, while another reiterated: "I GOT MCDONALDS WHEN I DID A DOUBLE CHIN."

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This isn't the first time TikTok has been called out for its fat-shaming content circulating on the app.

Just last month, a trend deep-rooted in fatphobia sparked concerns across the platform.

The trend-in-question shows people wearing oversized, baggy clothes with a text overlay: "When people think I'm fat because I wear big clothes."

The person then lifts their hoodie in a "gotcha" moment to reveal a "slim" frame.

The strange new flex has been slammed by users, with TikTok user Victoria mirroring the trend and rightfully penning as the caption: "It's just weird at this point".

One concerned viewer responded: "Every couple of months there’s a trend similar to this. It’s tiring, how do ppl not see a problem with it".

Indy100 reached out to TikTok for comment.

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