<p>Do you have a book that is a potential deal breaker? People on Twitter have been discussing theirs.</p>

Do you have a book that is a potential deal breaker? People on Twitter have been discussing theirs.

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Twitter is known for sparking fierce debate - and today’s controversial question involves dating and books and literature.

It all started when writer Michele Wojciechowski, tweeted to her followers the following scenario, “You’re on a first date with someone, and they tell you the name of their favorite book. You immediately leave. What’s the book?”

With millions of books out there in the world, the possible answers are endless, and each person has their own subjective preference of course.

Immediately, the responses came flooding in and the tweet now has over 17,000 retweets and 18,000 likes and replies.

It’s fair to say many are opinionated on this subject matter, and shared their particular book “ick.”

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But there was one book in particular that was a deal-breaker, Ayn Rand’s 1957 novel, Atlas Shrugged.

The 1,200 page book is about a dystopian United States in which captains of industry struggle against stifling regulations and an over-reaching government and one by one close down production, destroying the world economy as a result.

Recurring themes in the novel include objectivism that tapped directly into the American ideals of freedom, hard work and individualism.

It was generally disliked by critics but did attract a core fanbase and was adapted into a film series that was released between 2011-14.

Some said that they enjoyed the book in their adolescence but eventually grew out of it.

The debate has caused curious people who have never read the novel to purchase it, in order to see for themselves (though others have replied warning them not to).

Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kamph was also common response, for obvious reasons...

Other popular responses included The Bible with nearly 25,000 people liking the following tweet where one person explains why this religious text would be off-putting on a first date.

Childhood favourite, the Harry Potter series was also a title among some of the responses with people saying that the JK Rowling classics should be left in our youth.

In summary: Grow up.

Some people denied that they would judge anyone for their taste in books.

Well, one thing we can all agree is that this Twitter debate has certainly been an interesting read.

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