Worker explains why they kicked woman out of vegan cafe for giving kid a ham sandwich

Worker explains why they kicked woman out of vegan cafe for giving kid a ham sandwich
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No matter what restaurant, store, or other establishment you visit, places have rules and guidelines that you are expected to follow.

But, no matter how tight or relaxed these rules are, there always seems to be some people who want to push the boundaries.

This is exactly what appears to have happened when a woman visited a vegan restaurant, where meat is banned, and tried to feed her accompanying child a ham sandwich.

Sharing the details of the story on Reddit thread r/AmITheAsshole, cafe employee u/toadally-grody wrote how the group of women came into the venue, and one started feeding a child the sandwich.

The employee said the venue “turns a blind eye” to parents feeding their own food to youngsters, but that this particular snack was a “more substantial meal than what we usually expect” – which wasn’t even an issue on this occasion.

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But the worker said they realised when they took other food over to the table that the kid was eating a ham sandwich – something which is banned in their cafe, which has been “fully vegan for years”.

The post reads: “I tell the women that meat can’t be eaten on the premises (this was inside) and they need to put the stuff back in the tupperware),”

The employee said the women got upset and complained that the child will go “hungry,”. The post continues: “I say they’re welcome to order one of our vegan sandwiches or anything else. I say that they could have eaten another type of sandwich - even a vegetarian but not vegan sandwich would have been more acceptable- but in the interests of our other customers we cannot have ham eaten here, especially inside and especially using our plates.”

The women “get angrier”, the post says, and end up packing up their food to go, telling the Redditor that they won’t come back. They also apparently yelled at the worker, saying they are “disgusting for depriving a child of its food.”

The staff member posted the story and asked others whether they were wrong about how they handled the situation.

Fellow Redditors came together in support.

“I’m just baffled why they would even GO to a VEGAN restaurant that literally announces it to everyone and then bring the the rest of the family vegan or something? I’m just so confused by it,” wrote u/S3XYSouthernB.

“Bringing any outside food into a restaurant is totally crass imo,” wrote u/Management_sucks.

A third mentioned that there are various other restaurants to go to that would allow a child to eat the sandwich. “There are a ton of other places for the child to eat a ham sandwich. If the child goes hungry, that’s on the parents, not on you. NTA,” wrote u/hello_detour.

Although the Redditor did see where the women were coming from to a fault, it’s safe to say that there are other places to visit that will be more lenient with certain foods. Just be respectful of others’ decisions.

Check out the full post here.

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