A female TV presenter has been suspended after calling her male colleague handsome on air in Kuwait.

As she was handing over to her colleague during her coverage of the country's municipal elections, she said he should stop fiddling with his headwear as he was already handsome.

The throw-away joke by the unnamed journalist was harshly punished by Kuwait Television, the official television station run by the Ministry of Information.

The host was suspended temporarily until she is investigated over the incident, according to local reports, and many within the ministry believe the presenter unintentionally misspoke.

It even sparked sparked outrage among some of Kuwait's top officials, according to Al Qabas newspaper,

Mohammad Al Hayef sent out a tweet to Mohammad Al Jaberi, the Minister for Information, asking him to take action against the TV host.

The moment has gone has gone viral on Kuwaiti social media, dividing opinion with some supporting the government's decision and others outraged over the reaction to a harmless joke.

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