A man has revealed how the classic french fries from Five Guys are made – and customers are pleasantly surprised at the whole process.

TikToker Maez (@maezthegreat), who claims to work at the fast-food chain, gave his followers an apparent behind-the-scenes look at how the fries are cooked.

And people were generally shocked to see that the main ingredient within the process was... fresh potatoes (as opposed to frozen fries that are just bunged in the fryer).

The video begins with Maez washing the real russet potatoes which are then are loaded into an automatic slicer, where the vegetable is cut up into strips.

<p>TikToker Maez who appears to be a Five Guys employee has shown his followers how the famous fries are made</p>TikTok/maezthegreat

After this, the strips go into a water bucket before being poured into a sink where they are gently rotated, both to clean them and to remove any extra starch, according to Maez.

The fries are then transported back to a bucket before being cooked as usual in the fryer, starting the cooking process to turn them into the iconic french fries we all know and love. You can watch the TikTok video in full here.

In a second TikTok, Maez shows himself grabbing “a handful” of fries to place into the fryer, where they are cooked for around two minutes to give them the crispy texture.

The fries start off as russet potatoes before being sliced and washedTikTok/maezthegreat

“Yes we love pre-cooking our fries,” the TikTok says.

Then, when fries are ordered by the customer, a half-fried basket will be taken to a new vat of oil to fry for a few more minutes “for the last final cook” until they are brown.

To prevent the fries from too greasy, the frying basket is shaken 15 times to remove any oil. Maez then transfers them to a raised area, where they are salted.

After this, they are ready to be served to a happy customer. You can watch the video in full here.

Since Maez posted these videos, he has received 12.9m views in total, with over 2m likes in total and thousands of comments with people sharing their surprise at the use of fresh potatoes.

One person wrote: “That’s why it’s expensive because it’s real food guys cmon get yo money yo to eat good.”

The slices are then fried into french fries, and are salted at the end of the processTikTok/maezthegreat

“Only restaurant I trust and this is the reason why,” another person said.

Someone else added: “Yeah it’s expensive but you get what you pay for. It’s real food, unlike other places.”

“This is why their fries be SLAPPIN,” a fourth person commented.

Though it’s not just french fries that Maez has revealed the secrets behind. He’s also shown on TikTok how the thick Five Guys milkshakes are made.

Indy100 has contacted Five Guys for comment.

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