Flight attendant reveals why she quit ‘dream job’ to work in McDonald’s

Flight attendant reveals why she quit ‘dream job’ to work in McDonald’s
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A flight attendant who quit her "dream" job to work in McDonald’s has revealed why she doesn't regret her decision.

Swapping the skies for the fast food chain is exactly what Saffron Laszkowicz from Doncaster did, and in a viral TikTok she has opened up about how the career move has proven to be more lucrative.

In the clip she began: “I started working at McDonald’s in December 2020 during Covid, I had nothing to do because we were in lockdown.”

She went on, explaining that when Covid restrictions began to lift, she followed her dream and began training to be a flight attendant in May 2022.

After the six weeks of training, Laszkowicz realised that she would be financially worse off by pursuing her dream career than she would have been if she stayed at McDonald’s.

As a compromise, Laszkowicz balanced her job as a Ryanair flight attendant while also picking up shifts at the fast food outlet.


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She continued: “I realised I wasn’t earning as much as I used to so decided to go back to McDonald’s part time in October 2022.”

Eventually, due to money and other factors, Laszkowicz made the decision to quit her job as a flight attendant and return to McDonald's full-time.

The video has been viewed 2.3 million times and many in the comments agreed that being a flight attendant isn’t as well paid as many may assume.

One person commented: “Only reason I haven’t tried to become a flight attendant is because of the pay like I can’t do that to myself.”

Another wrote: “People don’t realise how bad flight attendants get paid that’s why I haven’t left retail for it yet.”

“Me but with Sainsbury’s. Ended up going back after 3 months because my new ‘better’ job was actually awful,” someone else commented.

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