Somebody has made a LEGO version of Trump's disastrous Four Seasons Total Landscaping conference
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It’s been over a week since it happened and people are still making fun of the Trump campaign for that bizarre Four Seasons Total Landscaping event.

The accidental decision to host a press conference on the outskirts of Philadelphia, between a crematorium and adult bookstore, led to the creation of a lot of high-quality memes.

It resulted in damning tweets, a spoof advert and even official merchandise.

But now for the pièce de résistance...

A Reddit user, who goes by R/OrchreJelly, has mocked up a LEGO version of the infamous event.

In the creative LEGO set, a figurine of Rudy Giuliani can be seen standing at a podium.

The podium has a 'Loser 2020' sign on it.

Similarly, behind him, 'Loser 2020' posters are plastered on the walls of the unglamorous garden centre.

An eclectic mix of monsters are in attendance, including R2D2 and a stormtrooper.

A lot of thought has clearly gone into the mock-up. There are 538 pieces – the same number as there are electoral college voters.

The product number is the date of the election.

People had some hilarious responses to it.

Four Seasons Total Landscaping truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

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