Michael Spicer trolls Trump with 'genius' spoof advert for Four Seasons Total Landscaping
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A comedian has released a spoof video ad for Four Seasons Total Landscaping which, rightfully, has gone viral.

The parking lot of the Philadelphia landscaping firm became instantly famous last week after a Trump campaign mishap.

Trump announced that his campaign would be holding a press conference in the Four Seasons Hotel, only to later clarify that it would actually be outside the less-than-glamorous gardening centre.

Four Seasons Total Landscaping, which is situated between an adult toy store and a crematorium, is now so famous that the business is cashing in on it.

There’s also now a hilarious video spoofing it, thanks to comedian Michael Spicer.

In the video, Spicer tamely asks: “Do your shrubs need pruning?”

He then proceeds to ask: “Are you a lawyer for a newly-defeated president whose fascist administration has accidentally hired a garden centre to host a press conference on voter fraud?”

Spicer then quips: “Then you need to pay us a visit here at Four Seasons Total Landscaping.”

The video continues to take shots at the Trump campaign and the embarrassing mishap.

It closes with a MAGA hat superimposed with ‘Make Landscaping Total Again’.

People thought it perfectly captured the idiocy of the whole situation.

Days later, we're still not bored of this meme.

It just keeps getting better and better.

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